We are proud to be part of a large multi-cultural school community which embraces its diversity. Schools should provide a safe environment for all pupils, regardless of their religion, cultural heritage or sexual orientation.

It is also important that pupils are given the tools to understand the world around them and to respect and comply with equalities legislation. Bullying and prejudicial treatment in all its forms is challenged at Loughborough.

From September 2020, all primary schools in England will be required to teach Relationships Education, all secondary schools in England will be required to teach Relationships and Sex Education, and all schools in England will be required to teach Health Education. At primary level, all schools will be required to teach about different types of committed stable relationships, which includes LGBT relationships. 

Parents will not have the right to withdraw their children from Relationships Education, however, parents can request to withdraw their children from Sex Education during primary school. Where families may have concerns or queries, we invite you to make an appointment with a senior leader who will be happy to meet with you.

The curriculum will offer the opportunity to discuss issues around self-esteem, identity, acceptance and anti-bullying strategies. These themes will be explored across the curriculum. We ensure all pupils are expected to understand the importance of equality and respect. We are proud of our commitment to the Equality Act 2010; at Loughborough Primary we dedicate time and resource to supporting all pupils to respect people who are different to them and helping to tackle prejudice-based bullying.

All teaching will be age-appropriate and at Loughborough, we are currently developing an approach that works best for our pupils and the local community, while being mindful of our legal obligations under the new guidance. Our aim is to help foster a safe, supportive school environment for young people to grow up in and to build confidence in this teaching. 

At Loughborough, we believe PSHE is an integral part of our school life. We work together to help our children understand themselves physically, emotionally and socially to help our children become global citizens and lead happy fulfilled lives. We place a high premium on the ability to deepen and develop a pupils’ sense of their place in the world and their understanding of social justice, in order that may develop their autonomy and to empower them to become agents of change.



Our PSHE Curriculum has been developed through a careful look at our surrounding areas to support our children, to give them the skills and resilience to face challenges in life. When designing our curriculum, we wanted it to reflect the needs of our locality, building their skillset to face challenges and choices with confidence. British values such as democracy and respect remain at the heart of our curriculum; through explicit teaching in lesson time as well as through assemblies.

 Pupils are taught PSHE through three overarching themes of health and wellbeing, relationship and living in the wider world. Throughout the programme, children are encouraged to develop their skills: their own personal effectiveness, their interpersonal and social effectiveness and their ability to manage risks and develop their decision-making process.

Building positive self-image and relationships is integral to our school and community. Teachers lead by example in demonstrating empathy and understanding to all pupils. As a school we hope to reinforce the children’s positive self-image through celebrating their success and achievements, reinforcing their positive attributes. We aim to help children understand their place in our school community, our local community and our global community.

Throughout all PSHE themes we ensure diversity and inclusion: using a range of role models, family models as well as teaching explicitly against stereotypes.


The PSHE curriculum is delivered through dedicated lesson time in PSHE taught by the class teacher (45 minutes per week), this is combined with assemblies and additional enrichment opportunities. We teach the health education through quality assured resources from the Christopher Winter Project, as recommended by Lambeth.


We work with external agencies such as the NSPCC and Growing Against Violence.  Our school values are reinforced through assemblies, house point system and through our PSHE planning. Children are given opportunities to share their thoughts and concerns through “worry boxes” which are addressed by their class teacher.


We underpin our curriculum with initiatives such as well-being ambassadors who have undertaken specialist training to support other children in managing stress, emotions and regulating their behaviour. Additionally, children are supported through our school councillor, nurture and gardening groups and buddy systems are in place for all children joining the school.


Children are taught to take part and contribute to meaningful discussions: through lesson time as well as additional Student Council. Children are encouraged and supported in fundraising and other community projects to empower them to find their place in the world and make a meaningful contribution to their community. Children have contributed to the implementation of a green screen to protect the playground from pollution.


We work hard to engage with hard to reach parents through workshops and coffee mornings.


In all areas of the curriculum we engage with community speakers such as a local Imam and Vicar to build respect and tolerance. PCOs are regularly invited in to school to speak to children and parents about e-safety and emerging issues. We work with initiatives such as BLAM which project is focused on building positive racial identity in young Black Children through culturally specific narratives and Aim High which aims to raise aspirations for Black Caribbean pupils.


The impact of our PSHE provision is the development of well-rounded children who are confident in their abilities and have a good understanding of their personal values.

Pupils at Loughborough understand the importance of positive relationships and are able to interact with all members of the school community as well as visitors. Children understand they have a responsibility to look after themselves and others in terms of their emotional and physical health. Our pupils are clear on their understanding of world issues and are able to suggest ways in which they can help and support their global community and get their voices heard.

We measure our impact through a variety of vehicles, platforms and projects such as pupil voice, student council as well as monitoring behaviour throughout school. 

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PSHE Progression Document 26th May 2021 Download