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We nurture, motivate and inspire pupils. Through innovative practice we strive for excellence, enabling pupils to achieve their highest potential. We develop great thinkers who demonstrate curiosity, resilience and embrace challenge.


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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedMayor of London @MayorofLondon, May 12
    Fantastic scenes from Trafalgar Square as Eid celebrations begin in London and around the world. Sending my warmest wishes to everyone observing—from my family to yours, #EidMubarak. https://t.co/xymqaFyOR1
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, May 11
    Please remember to encourage your child to spend a few minutes on their maths skills each and every day. We recommend #timestablerockstars Watch this short video for more information: https://t.co/NykuQXenZ8
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedBarnardo’s @barnardos, May 7
    We all have the power to make a difference to the lives of children. 💚 Retweet if you agree! https://t.co/BzHozgl8ZH
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, May 6
    Well done to our Y4/Y2 scientists who came 2nd/3rd in @Saint_Gabriels Science Challenge. Y4 investigated paper planes & Y2 were finding out the strongest paper. Congrats to Y5 at St Saviours on their win. #science #STEM @ogdentrust
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, May 6
    School is closed today as it’s a polling station. Keep your little ones busy at home by using Oak National Academy’s virtual library or BBC Bitesize: https://t.co/oQjEuoJd8k https://t.co/wS7wyet9Fl See you all tomorrow for school as normal. Enjoy your day
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedLambeth Autism Group @LambethNas, May 5
    Please check out @SENTalk1 we do have many of our Lambeth families who attend their sessions. Please email: info@sentalk.org for more information. Thank you Annaliese and her team for providing support in such difficult times. @LambethNas @wandbc @LambethFIS @lambeth_council https://t.co/rp8ZoQlZjY
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedSG Sports Coaching London @SGSportCoaching, Apr 30
    Great to get afterschool clubs kick started again @LoughboroughPri ⚽️afterschool Friday football! Well done to all the children who attended, homework set! #footballdance #sgsoccerschool #brixton #loughboroughestate #minetroad #FridayFeeling https://t.co/cBiEmqyaUc
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedBarnardo’s @barnardos, Apr 27
    Tips for talking to your child about feelings: 💚Work out your own boundaries ✏️Think about how your child expresses themselves 🙌Reflect together 🕗Pick your time and give them space 👂Practice listening to each other More advice from one of our workers: https://t.co/QEiXEzaIHb
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Apr 26
    Resilience is always something we try to teach at LPS. Here is some ways to help your child become resilient home too: https://t.co/IWCWIux2Rz
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedLambeth Council @lambeth_council, Apr 24
    Haven't had your Covid-19 vaccination yet? If you are eligible to get your vaccine you can get your first dose from Montgomery Hall vaccination centre in Kennington today 10am to 1pm & 2pm to 5pm - no appointment needed Find out more https://t.co/hZO5Oe92pG #KeepLambethSafe https://t.co/7gGfyqTgMI
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedProfessor Benjamin Zephaniah @BZephaniah, Apr 22
    This Thursday is #StephenLawrenceDay. “Never Forget Stephen Lawrence" : https://t.co/ZKtVlgD5PR @sldayfdn #SLDay21 #BecauseOfStephen #ALegacyOfChange https://t.co/mvCzsLjFcg
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedLambeth Council @lambeth_council, Apr 20
    Enhanced #Covid19 testing continues across the borough to help #KeepLambethSafe Live on or near Loughborough Estate & haven't been tested yet? You should get a test whether you have symptoms or not Test in person only at this site. Info & other sites https://t.co/lG1EZ5k437 https://t.co/AcVpx423ev
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Apr 19
    We are very much looking forward to welcoming our children back to school tomorrow (today is an inset day for staff). We hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter holiday. Please note - there are no booster sessions this week. They will start next week. More information will follow.
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedLambeth Council @lambeth_council, Apr 12
    🚨Breaking🚨 New cases of the #Covid-19 variant first detected in South Africa have been found in Lambeth Everyone aged 11+ should take a PCR test, even if they don’t have symptoms to help stop the spread of the virus & #KeepLambethSafe https://t.co/4yAy4ZEGjg
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Apr 1
    What else is there to do in the sunshine but to make paper aeroplanes? ☀️✈️ Y4 carried out an investigation for science week. They tested different designs of paper planes to see which flew the furthest...’The Monkey’ design was the clear winner https://t.co/iG2DOO1aGZ
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedLambeth Council @lambeth_council, Mar 31
    📢 We’re halfway to our target to help bridge the #DigitalDivide! 🏫 💻 A massive thank you to the supporters including @WalcotLambeth (£10k) who have donated £25k to the crowdfunder so far 🚸 For more on the story, and to donate https://t.co/kc7St3ZPmj https://t.co/mjwKC7V3BE
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedCommunity TechAid @CommTechaid, Mar 31
    Did you know? Many families in Lambeth don't have a computer in the home to use - or enough for each family member who needs one. We are helping to narrow the digital divide by providing them with a laptop, or an extra one for large families. Donate today if you can!
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedLiteracy Trust @Literacy_Trust, Mar 24
    Visit our @OakNational #VirtualSchoolLibrary this week to read Baller Boys by @VenessaTwrites for FREE! There's also an exclusive video and a Q&A with Venessa Taylor https://t.co/b1q0QjTvws @hashtag_press https://t.co/SILNySoZtl
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Mar 23
    This Easter @CEFLyncx have an ‘Easing-Out of Lockdown Easter BootCamp’:   Active Sports, B-Creative, Have Fun, Eat Well Food & Play Well Games.   Registration is by the link below: https://t.co/624Wr5pSVT
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedSG Sports Coaching London @SGSportCoaching, Mar 13
    Great to be back @LoughboroughPri yesterday! Thank you year 4,5,6 made my day! Athletics, developing straight ahead speed and reaction lesson 3 @AcademySCoach helping to build a positive mental attitude through sport! #brixton #Lambeth #athletics #digitalcontent #planning https://t.co/sCe9XKwHZA
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Mar 11
    The staff at Loughborough are so excited to start reading these wonderful texts. Each team have decided on a text which they will read then feedback to colleagues. Roll on Easter holidays so we can get properly stuck in 📖📚. #Diversity #blackauthors #BLM https://t.co/mciXP4wuSR
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Mar 8
    Yay! Today’s the day we welcome all our children back to school! Thank you parents/carers for everything you’ve done over the last few weeks to help continue with your child’s learning. We couldn’t have done it without your support. We’ll take it from here 👏💪 https://t.co/zr3ubyJtWK
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedMarcus Rashford MBE @MarcusRashford, Mar 7
    Whilst I’m on here, to everyone returning back to school tomorrow, best of luck, enjoy it, embrace it and remember knowledge is power, kindness is power. Take care of each another ♥️📚✏️
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedMrs Platt @MrsPlattL, Mar 6
    There may be some children anxious about their return to school on Monday. Here are a few tips from @TISUK_ which may help you to prepare your child for the change. @PinehurstP https://t.co/qd00r8tSiN
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedSecret Headteacher @secretHT1, Mar 6
    Parents, on behalf of teachers everywhere - thanks for all you’ve done. Every piece of work, learning, maths, writing or reading no matter how small will have made a difference.
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Mar 5
    This is such a simply technique which can have a huge impact on a child’s reading 📖 #turnonthesubtitles https://t.co/ZNxAlQ88dg
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Mar 4
    It’s World Book Day! We love this day and usually go big: fancy dress, book clues, scavenger hunts and assemblies. This year is is slightly different but still special...thank you to all those who joined their registrations in fancy dress! You’re the best! #WorldBookDay
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedDepartment for Education @educationgovuk, Mar 4
    It's important that primary schoolchildren don't wear face coverings, says Public Health England's medical adviser Dr Susan Hopkins. She explains that this is because covid infection rates are low among their age group and wearing face coverings could affect their development https://t.co/fbt9AYOg7v
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Mar 2
    Yassin and Rayan in Year 2 watched a remote lesson on ‘How to draw a waterfall’. I’m sure you’ll agree that they definitely succeeded in their challenge. Well done boys 👏👏👏 https://t.co/czoxuc36Wr
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Feb 26
    Y4 have been working on explanation texts: how bees make honey. To go along with their writing, they’ve also had a go at drawing bees and created a bee glossary. And, of course, you can’t write without sampling...Here are Maria and Alex enjoying some of the bees’ hard work 🍯 https://t.co/rhv4MD1sUn
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedMyattsFieldsPark @myattsfields, Feb 26
    Fancy yourself as a budding photographer? Take a pic in Myatt's park during your #lockdown walk and enter it into our #MyattsPhotoCompetition. More info at https://t.co/9v5dFVzmWk #Lambeth https://t.co/omj6g4TyPP
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedDepartment for Education @educationgovuk, Feb 25
    .@GavinWilliamson has written an open letter to parents, carers and guardians after the government announced that all pupils will return to schools and colleges in England from 8 March. Read it here: https://t.co/zstaho8IeO https://t.co/hoI3hVGEID
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedDepartment for Education @educationgovuk, Feb 23
    Primary schools will open to all pupils from 8 March. Secondary school year groups and college students will return throughout the week, with asymptomatic COVID-19 testing in place for them. https://t.co/ToJoOeXRwe
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedOak National Academy @OakNational, Feb 22
    A new week, a new #VirtualSchoolLibrary author... and we're excited to say this week's is @domrosevalente 📖✨ Listen to #Starfell: Willow Moss and the Lost Day for free, plus watch an exclusive video and read a Q&A! 🪄 https://t.co/diyprt5b9t 🪄 https://t.co/sIk6z9mVvR
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedBrixton Tulse Hill Children’s Centres @BSA_SW9_SW2, Feb 19
    If you would like a weekly activity pack for your toddler, along with a linked story time, let us know on 020 8678 6530 @JubileeBrixton @LoughboroughPri @EffraEarlyYears @LeapLambeth https://t.co/UCAAPQbMq3
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedOak National Academy @OakNational, Feb 12
    Well, everyone... happy #halfterm! 🙌 A HUGE round of applause to all of you for getting through a challenging start to 2021. It's been tough – but as always, the resilience of teachers shines through. 🌟 Here's to hoping you all get some well-deserved rest over the break. 💚
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Feb 12
  • Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedBBC Teach @BBC_Teach, Feb 9
    🗣 TODAY'S THE DAY! Our Safer Internet Day #BBCLiveLesson is at 11AM on CBBC and online. 📺💻 Gather your pupils at home and in class for top tips to stay smart, safe and savvy online. 👍 https://t.co/e5cPKpvMu8 #SaferInternetDay #AnInternetWeCanTrust
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri RetweetedBBC Bitesize @bbcbitesize, Feb 6
    Do you have kids aged 5-7? 🌏 Check out Exciting Explorers! Take a trip back in time with the people who travelled the world... and beyond. 🗺️ Play now! 👉 https://t.co/S7n0KeYsD2 https://t.co/3L280R7uTj
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    Loughborough Primary School @LoughboroughPri, Feb 5
    As part of our enrichment activities, this week we have been looking at an African inspired zentangle to relax and calm our minds. So important, especially during #childrensmentalhealthweek Check out Archie and David’s work. How great are they? And they’re only in Y2 👏👏 https://t.co/YuGdHdCQTt