School Uniform

Our uniform at Loughborough is simple and practical. We understand that uniform needs to be suitable for active children and outdoor learning. We also consider the cost of pupils’ clothing. Please see the listed below, the items of clothing that your child will need for school. If your child is not wearing the correct school uniform, we will send a reminder slip home; where appropriate we will provide suitable clothing for your child to wear in school and/or ask you to come in to school to help find a solution.

Our school uniform is sold by:

Wear Abouts Norwood

358 Norwood Road

West Norwood

SE27 9AA

Use This Link For Wearabouts Online

School Uniform and prices:

  • Blue embroidered sweatshirt - from £8.99                                        
  • Sweatshirt Cardigans (Girls embroidered) - from £10.99
  • Polo Shirts with the school logo - White embroidered - £6.99 (Plain white polo shirts/long sleeved shirts may also be worn)
  • Reversible Fleece Jacket embroidered (optional) - £18.99
  • Boys black/ grey trousers - £7.99 (can be bought elsewhere)
  • Boys black/ grey trousers (1/2 elastic waist) - from £8.99 (can be bought elsewhere)
  • Skirts - Grey or Black - from £5.99 (can be bought elsewhere)
  • Girls Trousers - Grey or Black - from £12.99 (can be bought elsewhere)
  • Pinafore Dress - Grey or Black - from £13.99 (can be bought elsewhere)

    Pinafore Trousers SkirtPolo topSweatshirt

PE Kit

  • White PE shirt with the school logo - from £4.99
  • Black/grey shorts or leggings or tracksuit bottoms - from £3.99 (can be bought elsewhere)
  • Black Jog Bottoms (optional) - from £7.99 (can be bought elsewhere)
  • PE bags with the school logo - £3.99
  • Bookbag with the school logo - £5.99

Pe topPe shortsPlimpsolesPe leggingsBookbag


  • Gingham Dress (Sky blue) - from £8.99 (can be bought elsewhere)
  • Boys Grey Shorts (optional) - from £7.99 (can be bought elsewhere)

Please note also

  1. Children must not wear jewellery in school, other than small sleepers if their ears are pierced.
  2. Black shoes (not trainers) must be worn.  Children can change into trainers at playtime and lunchtimes.
  3. Hijabs must be plain and should be black/white/grey
  4. Only White Shirts are allowed