Take a look at the brilliant self– portraits drawn by our year 1 class.  These portraits were inspired by Sonya Boyce, a British Afro-Caribbean artist.  Year 1 paid careful attention to the position of their facial features and chose their preferred medium (charcoal, oil pastels or pencils) to complete their work. Year 2 had a great time experimenting with a variety of mediums and techniques to create a large scale wolf. They made careful observations of their reference material and even managed to create a fur texture.  Take a look at their lovely wolves inspired by their class book. Year 5 looked at the struggles that the Windrush generation might of experienced and created a visual representation based on what they know of England and Jamaica. Year 4 really enjoyed this still life painting. They were responsible for arranging the composition of their objects and had a go at using variety of paint techniques, such as dabbing, stippling, washes and pointillism. They even created 3d forms by using shadows and highlights, making sure to carefully add black or white paint to their colours.  Wow, the year 6 children  did a fantastic job of    drawing these  realistic self –portraits. They followed in the steps of the artist Chuck Close, by using a grid to scale up their photos and ensure their proportions were accurate. Some were brave enough to use a fine liner to add shadow using different shading techniques like   cross -hatching, hatching, stippling and scribbling.

Art work

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