Intent Statement

Our aim at Loughborough Primary School is to nurture and inspire children in their learning so that school is a place where fascination, creativity and endless possibilities are on offer.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and incorporate experiences and opportunities which best meet the learning and developmental needs of all children, thus allowing them to flourish. We recognise that children come into our setting with varied experiences and as a result of this, our staff work hard to ensure that the learning opportunities provided widen pupils’ knowledge and understanding, giving them the best possible start to their education.

We aim to provide children with the vital knowledge and skills that they need to acquire in order to achieve the Early Learning Goals at the end of Reception whilst also preparing them for the National Curriculum in Year One.

We recognise that speaking and listening is a crucial element in Early Years. Communication and Language is identified as a prime area of learning, and many of the early learning goals make explicit reference to children’s ability to talk about their knowledge, skills, and understanding. We have built our curriculum around high quality texts that promote vocabulary development, and enable us to further extend and develop children’s language. We also believe it is important that our pupils’ heritage and culture is reflected in the learning environment and that our pupils’ identities are reflected in the texts they have access to. We are proud of the fact that our books celebrate diversity and are truly representative of our wider school community. Using this approach, we can be sure that our children have rich experiences which will facilitate life-long learning and deepen their understanding of the world that they live in.

We aim to support and empower our parents in developing a love of reading with their child(ren) as we know that this can have a significant impact on a child’s future learning experiences and attainment.

We take pride in creating a highly inclusive environment, where children of all abilities demonstrate high levels of enjoyment in their education. Learning is carefully designed to ensure all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Those who are most able, are challenged to master a concept and learning is extended. Pupils who are identified as needing more support are given additional opportunities to work in a small group to embed skills, to develop at their own pace and learn in a way which is suitable for their individual needs.