Implementation Statement

Our aim at Loughborough is to ensure that we:

  • offer a broad and balanced curriculum, by planning sequences of activities that provide meaningful learning experiences and build on pupils’ prior learning. 
  • provide a careful balance of both adult-led and child-initiated learning opportunities.
  • develop children’s enthusiasm and promote a love for reading as this is fundamental in helping to develop their language skills and in closing the word gap.
  • use core texts that stimulates discussion about the world around us and enable us to promote a love of learning through real-life and engaging experiences.
  • provide high-quality interactions with adults where staff act as role models to the children they teach in order for children to develop their own speaking and listening skills.
  • use high-quality questioning and interactions to check understanding and address misconceptions.
  • value the importance of effective communication which encourage all our children to communicate effectively using a wide range of strategies.
  • carefully assess what the children are doing and then using this to inform the next steps of learning in order to effectively meet individual pupil needs.
  • develop an effective, engaging and stimulating environment so that children can access all areas of learning both inside and outside at any one time.
  • plan and organise the continuous provision which allows for all children to learn effectively through play.

develop strong parental partnerships which empower parents to support their child’s learning at home.